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NCSL International 2017 Workshop & Symposium

Conference Tutorial Program
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - Monday, August 14, 2017
Exhibition Hall
Monday, August 14, 2017 - Thursday, August 17, 2017
Technical Program
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - Thursday, August 17, 2017

NIST staff presenting technical talks:

Accuracy and Uncertainty Characterization of the New NIST High Accuracy 1D Laser-Based Micrometer
Mr. John Stoup

Analysis of a Quantum Based Refractometer to Replace Mercury Manometers as the Primary Standard for the United States
Mr. Jacob Ricker

Quantum Based Redefinition of the Pascal for Primary Pressure Standards and Measurements
Mr. Jay Hendricks

The Next Generation of Metrology – Quantum SI
Mr. Gregory Strouse

Refurbishing the NIST 4.45 MN Deadweight Force Standard Machine
Mr. Rick Seifarth

Development of Capabilities for Realization and Dissemination of SI-Traceable Dynamic Force
Mr. Akobuije Chijioke

A Fabry-Pérot Optical Cavity as Nanonewton Force Calibration from Photon Momentum
Dr. Ryan Wagner

From the kilogram of one….. to the metric tonnes: Large Mass calibrations at NIST 
Mr. Kevin Chesnutwood

Sphere Diameter Measurement by Interferometry with Repeatability that Breaks the Nanometer-Picometer Threshold
Mr. Eric Stanfield

X-Ray Computed Tomography for Dimensional Metrology
Dr. Meghan Shilling

Panel: Inferred Uncertainty and Traceability?
Panelists: Dr. Charles Ehrlich, NIST; William Guthrie, NIST; Warren Merkel, NIST; Jeff Gust, Fluke Calibration; Steven Phillips, NIST; Bill Miller, Lockheed Martin; Denver Metrology services

Calibration of Environmental Sensors for Mass Metrology
Mr. Edward Mulhern

Primary Reference for Small Mass Based on Electrostatics
Dr. Gordon Shaw

Comparison of Gravimetric and Resonator Based Mass Measurements
Dr. Hamza Shakeel

Should the Repeatability of the Instrument Under Test be Included in Test Uncertainty?
Dr. Craig Shakarji

Technical Challenges in the Development of a New UHV Pressure Standard (Cold Atom Trap Vacuum Standard)
Ms. Julia Scherschligt

Modernized Piston Gauge Calibrations at NIST
Ms. Julia Scherschligt

Maximum Voltage and Possible Over Voltage Failure Mechanism of Multijunction Thermal Converters
Dr. Stefan Cular

The Measurement of the Mass of a Magnetically Suspended Artifact and its Uncertainty
Dr. Corey Stambaugh

Redefinition of the Kilogram: The Effect on Mass Dissemination from NIST
Mr. Patrick Abbott

Setting the Length of the Meter – How hard could it be?
Dr. Ted Doiron

Created April 14, 2017