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Nanosized Solutions to Tackle Big Questions in Biophysics

Multidisciplinary solutions are providing answers to many of the difficult questions in science. This is particularly true in biophysics, biology and medicine, where the applications of nanoscience and nanofabrication are revolutionizing our understanding of fundamental processes. This presentation will explore examples from my research ranging from MEMS devices that have angstrom level sensitivity for monitoring cerebrospinal pressure and flow, to nanoprobes that measure electrical activity of cells and single enzymes. I will also introduce my research to develop nanofludic electrical devices that can measure topological phonon effects in protein structures and how they relate to cancer treatment. In each of these examples, a team with biologists, physicists, chemists and engineers with expertise in nanoscience and nanofabrication is critical for success.

Alokik Kanwal

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Created August 22, 2017, Updated October 1, 2018