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National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition - San Antonio, Texas

While similar to other cyber defense competitions in many aspects, the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) is unique in that it focuses on the operational aspect of managing and protecting an existing network infrastructure. Teams are scored based on their ability to detect and respond to outside threats, maintain availability of existing services such as mail servers and web servers, respond to business requests such as the addition or removal of additional services, and balance security needs against business needs.

College students from more than 220 schools across the country will showcase their defensive cyber skills during the 2017 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Beginning with 10 regional contests in March and April, the teams will compete to show who can best protect a computer network against real-world cyber-attacks.

Click here to view the list of National CCDC 2017 finalists.

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Created March 27, 2017