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Electrical characterization of Nanocomposites: Correlation Between Networks and Properties

In this talk, I will present a novel characterization methodology that resolves the relationships between processing parameters, CNT distribution and EMI shielding properties of a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT)/Polyimide (PI) nanocomposite at 0.1wt%. TThe proposed methodology consists of the following steps: i) modification of the CNT distribution of SWCNT/PI nanocomposite films by controlling the processing parameters: amplitude and frequency of an applied ac voltage during processing, ii) estimation of the depth detection and spatial resolution limits for the based on capacitance gradient signals, iii) systematically measuring the subsurface CNT networks of the fabricated films iv) estimation of the impact of the processing parameters on the formed CNT networks by developing quantitative distribution descriptors, iv) measuring the nanocomposite EMI shielding properties as a function of the processing parameters and v) establishing the correlations between the CNT distribution descriptors and the EMI shielding properties. The   In addition I will describe some safety protocols implemented in our facilities for the handling of manufactured NMs.

Alba Avil
Universidad De Los Andes / Bogotá -Colombia

Created March 15, 2017, Updated October 1, 2018