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Global City Teams Challenge SuperCluster Workshop on City Platform

The Global City Teams Challenge SuperCluster Workshop on City Platform is being co-hosted by the City of Kansas City, Missouri; Think Big Partners; and NIST.

The workshop will give participants the opportunity to:

  • Come in with a list of problems and questions on City Platform and cross-cutting data management and
  • Leave with a concept of how to solve that list while building a smart city.

The workshop will be conducted through a series of four sub workshops that allow cities to collaborate with a rotating group of potential partners and address their unique issues. These sessions will address the following four subjects:

  • Cities will define their major problems, propose a basic strategy to solve them, and identify what data gaps exist to help them solve the issue.
  • Cities will define how they will collect the data they need to solve issues as a function of software or infrastructure.
  • Cities will define how they will assess data.
  • Cities will define how they will fund, construct, and sustain smart city systems over time.

Cities should come into the workshop with an understanding of their problems today and leave with an idea of how they can use data and analytical platforms to help solve those problems. The ultimate goal is to develop a standard analytical platform that meets the requirements of multiple cities. The platform will become a standard for performance assessment, thus freeing up cities to use it and to add city-specific elements that enable an assessment of measures of effectiveness. 

For more information about the Global City Teams Challenge—including how to participate—please visit NIST’s GCTC website and/or U.S. Ignite’s GCTC website.

Who Should Attend:

  • Representatives from cities and communities across the United States and around the world
  • Representatives from state and federal agencies
  • Executives from leading technology companies interested in this topic
  • Academic and industry stakeholders
  • Members of the Smart City community in Kansas City
Created January 25, 2017