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Global City Team Challenge (GCTC) 2016 SuperCluster Kickoff

On October 25-26, NIST and US Ignite will host the GCTC SuperCluster Kickoff Event at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC.

Building on the success of the 2016 GCTC Expo in Austin, TX, NIST and US Ignite have determined that the next phase of the GCTC will encourage the formation of GCTC SuperClusters. Composed of multiple, existing GCTC Action Clusters, GCTC SuperClusters will enable the teams to join forces and pursue shared objectives and common approaches for collaborative deployment.

Based on discussions with GCTC Action Cluster team leads, one or more GCTC SuperClusters will form in each of the following areas:

  • Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, and Resilience;
  • Energy, Utilities, Water, and Microgrids;
  • Environment & Healthcare;
  • Municipal Dashboards;
  • Transportation.

We believe efforts to support GCTC SuperClusters will result in tangible deployments that are multi-city and multi-stakeholder in nature. Our objective is to create a mechanism that enables existing GCTC teams to work together and, in doing so, increase the scale and impact of their efforts.

The two-day event will commence with a half-day plenary session followed by one-and-a-half days of working sessions. The working sessions will include: presentations from GCTC teams and cities with an interest in leading the formation of SuperClusters; and moderated discussions related to sector-specific SuperCluster meetings that are planned for the first three months of 2017.


Grand Hyatt Washington, 1000 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001, US

$231/night. Click here to book your room by October 3, 2016.

Also, limited travel support is available for local government officials. Please contact william.maguire [at] (subject: GCTC%202016%20SuperCluster%20Kickoff%20Lodging) (Bill Maguire) at US Ignite or sokwoo.rhee [at] (subject: GCTC%202016%20Super%20Cluster%20Kickoff%20Lodging%20) (Sokwoo Rhee) , NIST, for more details

Created September 27, 2016, Updated October 21, 2016