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Coloring, Stitching, and Twisting for Atomically Thin Circuitry

Coloring, Stitching, and Twisting for Atomically Thin Circuitry

2D layered materials are like color papers: they can be glued, stacked, cut and folded to form integrated devices with atomic thickness. In this talk, I will discuss how different 2D materials can be grown with distinct electrical and optical properties (coloring), how they can be connected laterally to form pattered circuits (stitching) and how their interaction with light can be designed by controlling the interlayer rotation and the valley degree of freedom (twisting).

For further information please contact robert.ilic [at] (Robert Ilic), 301-975-2639.

Jiwoong Park

Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
University of Chicago

Created August 29, 2016, Updated January 5, 2017