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Energy and Electron Transport, Dynamics and Dissipation at The Nanoscale

Modern nanofabrication and single molecule techniques have opened the door for an unparallel scientific field with challenging fundamental questions and promising technological applications. As these techniques are refined and new experiments are performed, the need for additional theoretical tools emerges. During my talk I will show how my work on theory has provided new insights in the chemistry and physics of specific problems at the nanoscale. I will center my presentation in three main topics: memory effects in single molecule measurements, pump-probe spectroscopies for molecular junctions as a set of techniques to unveil ultrafast intramolecular processes, and models for quantum thermodynamics and dissipation in nanoengines. The conclusions of these investigations aim to provide a better setting for the control and design of materials at the nanoscale. Moreover, they have the potential to be applied in the search for energy conversion, quantum information and computing technologies, as well as in ultrasensitive measurements

For further information please contact michael.zwolak [at] (Michael Zwolak), 301-975-4258.

Maicol A. Ochoa

Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

Created July 6, 2016, Updated October 2, 2018