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Super-Resolution Imaging of Plasmonic Nanostructures

Noble metal nanoparticles can support localized surface plasmons, which lead to strong nanoparticle coloration and enhanced electromagnetic fields at the nanoparticle surface which are the basis of surface-enhanced spectroscopies such as surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). Because the metal nanoparticles are smaller than the wavelength of light, they appear as diffraction-limited spots in optical images, obscuring the interesting structure-dependent features, including local electromagnetic field enhancement due to plasmon enhancement, site-specific molecule binding, and local electrochemical activity. This talk will describe using single molecule super-resolution imaging techniques as a new tool to beat the diffraction limit by over an order of magnitude, providing the necessary resolution to probe the interaction between molecules and plasmonic nanoparticles. Applications include mapping heterogeneity in ligand binding on nanostructured surfaces and following electrochemical reactions on nanoparticle electrodes one molecule at a time.

For further information please contact james.liddle [at] (J. Alex Liddle), 301-975-6050.

Katherine (Kallie) Willets

Department of Chemistry / Temple University

Created May 10, 2016, Updated September 12, 2016