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AVS Mid-Atlantic Chapter DC Regional Meeting

Equipment Exhibit - vacuum hardware and instruments.

Poster Session (cash prizes for the best student posters!) open to graduate and undergrad students working in AVS research topics including:

  • Biomaterial Interfaces
  • Electronic Materials & Processes
  • Magnetic Interfaces & Nanostructures
  • Surface Science
  • Thin Films
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Plasma Science

Highlight theme: Nanotechnology Applied to Batteries

Invited speakers from the DC area:

  • Joe Dura (NIST): "Probing Battery Interfacial Structures with Neutron Reflectometry"
  • Kang Xu (ARL): "Electrolytes for High Energy Aqueous Li-Ion Batteries"
  • Chuan-Fu Lin (U MD): "Controlling Electrochemical Interfaces with an Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interphase"
  • Corey Love (NRL): "Conduction Phenomena in Atomic Layer Deposition Coatings on Nanoscale Electrode Materials"


  • NIST Nanofab User Facility
  • NIST Photonic Sensors for Pressure and Temperature
Created April 19, 2016, Updated March 27, 2017