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Progress Toward Few-Photon-Level Nonlinear Optics for Quantum Applications

An all-optical architecture for the generation and manipulation of quantum light is highly useful for quantum information processing. However, optical encoding for quantum information has to contend with loss, noise, and weak material nonlinearities. In particular, recent demonstrations of high-efficiency interactions at the few-photon-level have utilized resonant light-matter coupling, requiring large experimental setups that affect scalability. We have proposed an alternative approach to realizing such nonlinear optical interactions using high-Q optical micro-cavities in conjunction with the quantum Zeno effect. In this talk, I will present our recent experimental and theoretical progress in this area.

For further information please contact kartik.srinivasan [at] (Kartik Srinivasan), 301-975-5938.


For further information please contact kartik.srinivasan [at] (Kartik Srinivasan), 301-975-5938

Created March 28, 2016, Updated May 13, 2016