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6th Annual NICE Conference & Expo - San Diego, California

The 6th Annual NICE Conference & Expo took place November 3-4, 2015 in San Diego, CA. The conference offered presentations in three different tracks:

Track 1: Accelerate Learning and Skills Development
* Explore programs and techniques that can more rapidly increase the supply of cybersecurity workers;
* Reduce the time and cost for obtaining necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities; and
* Target displaced workers or underemployed individuals who are available and motivated.
Track 2: Establish a Diverse Learning Community
* Seek creative and effective efforts to increase the number of underrepresented populations;
* Drive cybersecurity career awareness, exploration, and preparedness into schools and younger populations; and
* Strengthen formal education programs, technical training and certifications, and co-curricular
Track 3: Workforce Development and Career Planning
* Analyze data sources that project present and future workforce demand and supply of qualified workers;
* Explore tools and techniques that effectively measure and validate knowledge, skills, and abilities; and
* Identify effective practices and solutions that enhance recruitment, hiring, promotion, and retention. 

View NICE 2015 presentations here.  

Created April 18, 2017