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State Laboratory Workload Survey

Provide an opportunity to share the 2014 State Laboratory Workload Survey report to participants. 

The eleventh edition of the State Laboratory Program Workload Survey was conducted by the NCSLI 156 Legal Metrology Committee to quantify the workload of the State Laboratory Program (SLP) during the 2014 calendar year and document its impact on the United States economy. The SLP is comprised of 55 metrology laboratories, which include 50 state laboratories and five other government laboratories (Puerto Rico, Washington DC, Los Angeles County, USDA-GIPSA, and U. S. Virgin Islands). Data from the SLP workload surveys, first conducted in 1996, are used to quantify the impact of the SLP on the U.S. economy, as well as to plan and maximize the effectiveness of the program. Decisions on needed training and inter-laboratory comparisons are based on the information collected in the survey. The results of previous surveys have been used extensively at NIST to gain support and attention for the State Laboratories and have been helpful in assembling budget proposals. The surveys are useful for identifying the diversities of the workload on a national level and have served as a resource to industry in identifying the level of service available from each SLP laboratory. The surveys have also served as valuable resources when State laboratory administrators must provide justification of their program or when proposing changes to staffing and service rates. Survey information is provided in textual and graphical form and is accompanied by a comparative analysis reflecting the changes that have occurred since 1996.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to describe the national workload results in the context of their own laboratory and national data; participants will be able to share information about the national workload study with their managers - perhaps in their annual Management Review.

Materials & Supplies:








Minimum Requirement(s):



State laboratory metrology staff and W&M laboratory managers and directors. NCSLI legal metrology committee members.




Van Hyderand Georgia Harris
Office of Weights and Measures
Phone: (301) 975 - 4014
Email: g.harris [at] (g[dot]harris[at]nist[dot]gov)

Technology Requirement(s):

The webinar will be a live stream, so participants must have a constant connection during the webinar.

  1. Operating System (browser) configurations:
  • Windows XP (Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11; Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome)
  • Windows Vista (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • Windows 7 or 8 (Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome)
  • Apple Mac OS 10.5x (Mozilla Firefox; Apple Safari; Google Chrome)
  • Ubuntu Linux (Firefox only)
  • Media players
    • In order to access the event, you must have, at a minimum, Adobe® Flash® Player 11.2+ installed on your computer. Please visit to download the Flash Player.
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    NIST / Office of Weights and Measures
    NCSLI Legal Metrology Committee

    Class No. 5396 (Course 1235)

    Time: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

    Registration Deadline: Monday, October 12, 2015

    Created August 14, 2015, Updated July 23, 2020