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Reinventing the Nanoelectronics Industry

CNST Nanotechnology Seminar Series Daniel J. C. Herr Professor and Nanoscience Department Chair The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Director, Nanomanufacturing Innovation Consortium Co-Chair, ITRS Emerging Research Materials Working Group Abstract: The future application opportunities landscape, which includes the ‘Internet of Everything’, significantly broadens the current ITRS vision. Many of the new market opportunities will drive and leverage the convergence between multiple technology sectors, e.g. information processing, energy, health care, and communication, as well as construction, food and agriculture, etc. As such, strategic networks are emerging between colleagues in these, and other, seemingly disparate sets of industries. For example, the semiconductor supplier community has begun to leverage synergies between multiple market sectors, such as between the nanoelectronics, energy, wireless, and photovoltaics industries. Recent events, such as Semiconductor Research Corporation’s BERT Roundtables and SemiSynBio Workshop, also represent transformative first steps towards achieving this goal, as they provide a forum to establish a common language between the semiconductor and biotechnology communities. They also help to identify, clarify, prioritize, and catalyze new and strategic win-win market opportunities. The nanoelectronics manufacturing and supplier communities beginning to catch and ride the next tidal waves of emerging technologies, which will drive and revolutionize how we design, integrate, build, and use really small stuff. This talk will provide an update on scaled nanoelectronics materials and fabrication trends, as well as one vision of what might be the next big thing.


Vladimir Aksyuk 301-975-2867

Created January 7, 2015, Updated February 7, 2017