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Phonon Counting Experiments in Cavity-Optomechanics

Technical advances in the fabrication of micro- and nano-structures has recently led to, among other things, the laser cooling of mechanical resonators down to their ground-state of mechanical motion [1,2]. Current experiments seek to utilize "cold" mechanical transducers for a variety of applications, ranging from precision force measurements to noise-free and efficient quantum translation of microwave and optical signals [3,4,5]. In this talk I will discuss our efforts at Caltech to employ phonon counting techniques to measure, prepare, and entangle the mechanical state of nanoscale optomechanical resonators.

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kartik.srinivasan [at] (Kartik Srinivasan), 301-975-5938

Oskar Painter

Institute for Quantum Information and Matter

Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

Laboratory of Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA 91125 USA
Created March 25, 2015, Updated May 13, 2016