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Building a Fab on a Chip

The "Fab on a Chip" approach is a novel fabrication technique that leverages the control and stability of MEMS machines to fabricate structures on the nano-scale. This contrasts to standard deep-UV and e-beam lithography methods typically used today. We are developing a method of nano-fabrication that can be operated in a cryostat to enable novel physics experiments at low temperatures. To this end, we build MEMS-based machines that mimic typical macroscopic tools found in a modern nano-fabrication facility. In a very real sense, we are using macro machines to build micro machines and then micro machines to build nano devices and structures. Our ultimate goal is a fully integrated "Fab on a Chip" where on a single chip, one has all of the needed elements to assemble and test nano devices. In my talk I will discuss the approach and our progress to date.


Vladimir.Aksyuk [at] (Vladimir Aksyuk), 301-975-2867

David Bishop

Head, Division of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor of Physics
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor of Materials Science Boston University

Created October 7, 2014, Updated May 13, 2016