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An Overview of Microwave‐assisted Techniques as Related to the Synthesis Nanomaterials, and the Associated Benefits of Very Accurate Temperature and Microwave Power Control

In recent years the synthesis of nanomaterials has become a major topic in scientific research. In different chemical disciplines numerous methods for preparing tailored nanomaterials with individual properties have been investigated extensively. Microwave irradiation has proven beneficial since slight changes in reaction temperature and/or time will result in reproducible structures with novel and desired performance properties. In most of the cases microwave‐mediated reaction times are substantially shorter, and the subsequent particle size distributions are much more defined when compared to conventional methods. In this presentation, we will illustrate several published examples of how microwave‐assisted techniques can be applied towards the successful synthesis of a wide variety of nanomaterials. Emphasis will be placed on the unique operating parameters of dedicated microwave reactors, and the subsequent positive influence on nanomaterial structures.


liddle [at] (J. Alex Liddle), 301-975-6050

Reynhardt Klopper

Product Specialist for Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry, Anton Paar USA


Gerrit Blok

Technical Sales Representative for Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry, Anton Paar USA

Created September 1, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016