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Nano-Materials and Devices for Beyond CMOS Applications

Transistor scaling to increase device density and performance has enabled the advancement of integrated circuit technology. As scaling becomes more difficult using current silicon technology, new materials, processes, and non-planar device structures are required. A few such examples will be presented here, including indium arsenide nanowire and ultrathin body layer field-effect and tunneling field-effect transistors on silicon, a monolayer doping approach for the fabrication of ultra-shallow nanoscale junctions in planar and non-planar III-V semiconductors, and ohmically conducting metal organic framework thin film devices. The demonstration of high performance indium arsenide nanowire and ultrathin body layer transistors will also include discussion of diameter and thickness dependent electron mobility, capacitance-voltage measurements on individual nanowire transistors, and electrical mapping of one-dimensional sub-bands as a function of nanowire diameter.


jabez.mcclelland [at] (Jabez McClelland), 301-975-3721

Alexandra Ford

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Created September 1, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016