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Developing electronics beyond Moore's Law requires revolutionary vision in novel devices, disruptive technologies, new materials and alternative computer architecture for the post-CMOS era. Memristive devices emerge as promising nanoelectronic components for a broad spectrum of applications such as universal data storage and unconventional computing. In this talk, I will first introduce the fundamentals of memristive devices. Next, I will showcase disruptive nanofabrication technologies that have enabled crossbar arrays of 8 nm devices. I will then discuss switching materials for low power devices including silicon oxide and bilayer transition metal oxides. Finally, I will address the integration and operation of the first memristor-CMOS hybrid integrated circuits built on foundry-made CMOS substrates.


jabez.mcclelland [at] (Jabez McClelland), 301-975-3721

Qiangfei Xia, Ph.D.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Created September 1, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016