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Proficiency Testing Follow Up Actions and Root Cause Analysis

This 2 hour webinar will provide participants with the ability to implement ISO/IEC 17025 Proficiency Testing Follow-Up documentation. 

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this 2-hour session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the 17025 criteria requiring proficiency testing,
  • Complete all required PT follow-up documentation,
  • Research information on the process of root cause analysis available via the Internet,
  • Perform root cause analysis using various tools and methodologies,
  • Plan and implement suitable corrective action to correct the identified root causes, and
  • Plan and perform suitable follow-up activities to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented corrective actions with continued process improvement resulting.

Technology Requirement(s):

  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection, a broadband connection is recommended
  • Telephone
  • Optional: a telephone headset

Materials & Supplies:



Compile a list of the Proficiency Tests in which your laboratory has participated, including the results from the proficiency test report. Be prepared to discuss the follow-up actions that were taken and on what basis the decisions were made. Identify what Root Cause Analysis methodologies were used to make the corrective action decisions and what follow-up actions were planned and implemented to verify the appropriateness of the corrective action taken. Submit this information to Val Miller at val.miller [at] (val[dot]miller[at]nist[dot]gov) no later than April 10.

Minimum Requirement(s):

Successful completion includes completing pre-work assignment, full attendance, full participation in the session activities and discussion and completing an on-line evaluation after the course.


Laboratory staff who have responsibilities for developing, implementing, and/or improving the uncertainty analyses methods and reporting in their laboratory as well as those who are seeking OWM recognition and/or accreditation or improvements to support recognition/accreditation through adding this measurement to their Scope. This course is also available for non-weights and measures participants.


The current fee for webinars is $199 and confirmed participants will be provided a link to make a payment. Registration fees for State weights and measures regulatory officials and metrologists are funded by NIST OWM.


Val Miller
Office of Weights and Measures
(301) 975 - 3603
E-mail: val.miller [at] (val[dot]miller[at]nist[dot]gov)


NIST Office of Weights and Measures

Class No. 5306

Event Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 28, 2014

Created January 29, 2014, Updated July 23, 2020