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Forty-Fourth Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources (UJNR) Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects

The NIST Engineering Laboratory will host the 44th meeting of the UJNR Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects. The Panel promotes the exchange of engineering issues related to earthquake, wind, storm surge, and tsunami issues for both buildings and infrastructure among seventeen U.S. and seven Japanese participating organizations. Both the United States and Japan have established vigorous national research programs in seismology, geology, and geodesy in response to the devastation caused by earthquakes.

NIST provides the U.S.-side Chairman and Secretary-General for the Panel; the Japan Public Works Research Institute provides the Japan-side Chairman and Secretary-General. At the February meeting, the Panel will receive updates from its six Task Committees, share lessons learned from recent major disaster events in the two countries, and discuss and adopt a strategic plan for the Panel's future activities.

The last meeting of this Panel was hosted in Japan and the meeting materials are available online, UJNR Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects.

This meeting starts on Wednesday with an opening ceremony, followed by two technical sessions and task committee meetings. On Thursday, there will be two administrative sessions and one technical session.

See the full Meeting Agenda (PDF).

Created February 15, 2013, Updated May 13, 2016