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Meeting for the Mobile Device Security Technical Exchange

 The Information Security and Identity Management Committee (ISIMC) of the CIO Council is hosting a Mobile Security Conference addressing the barriers, opportunities, and gaps associated with mobile deployments as identified in Milestone 10.2 of the Federal Digital Government Strategy. These areas will be examined and discussed with participants in support of the development of the government-wide mobile and wireless security baseline associated with Milestone 9.1 of the Strategy. The conference is open to government employees (gov't, military and contractors directly supporting the gov't) only.

The conference will include speakers from OMB, NIST, and the Agencies and will explore different approaches to mobility and the challenges that remain. The morning session will open with a panel consisting of Agency CIOs examining their direction, use cases, and hurdles. The morning will also include interactive discussions on the Milestone 10.2 findings, a proposed Framework for understanding Agency mobility decision-making, requirements, policy and technical challenges that still must be addressed.

The afternoon session will include presentations by various Agencies addressing their mobile initiatives and how they align with the proposed Framework. The sessions will be interactive exchanges addressing Agency requirements and the balance between capabilities, security, and cost. They will also help participants better understand how the Framework might be used in their respective environments. The day will conclude with breakout sessions with NIST engineers who are involved in developing the updates to FIPS 201-2, Derived Credentials, and other key documents that will play a key role in how mobility is implemented in the Federal space. Also, GSA will be presenting their work on Milestone 5.5. The milestone is focused on developing an acquisition road-map reflecting the federal government's diverse MDM policy drivers (e.g. security compliance, mobile OS support) and the government's emerging mobility management requirements (e.g. vulnerability/threat management, mobile application adoption).

These are initial discussion intended for government agencies and their current employees.  All registrants not registering with a government email address will notify their government sponsor they would like to attend.  Due to space restrictions attendance can only be allowed by registrants who are providing direct support to related government programs. The government sponsor will then notify Josh Love they have a contractor they would like to attend the conference.  Josh's email address is [at] (Joshua[dot]love[at]whmo[dot]mil)

Please join us for an informative and interactive conference that will help shape the direction mobility efforts will take in the near-future.


Tom Karygiannis, NIST - ITL and
Joshua Love, White House Communications Agency

Agenda Updated (12/07/12):

0830 - 0845 Welcome, Objectives, Logistics

0845 - 0930 Keynote - Fed CIO

0930 - 1015 Executive Agency CIO Panel

1015 - 1030 Break

1030 - 1115 NSA Mobility Brief

1115 - 1130 CNSS Mobility Over Brief

1130 - 1220 Lunch

1220 - 1250 DGS Action Item 9.1 - Govt Wide Mobile and Wireless Security Baselines

1250 - 1310 Special Publication 800-163 Guidelines for Testing and Vetting Mobile Applications

1310 - 1340 DISA - Mobile App Software Assurance Requirements

1340 - 1400 Break

1400 - 1430 DGS Action Item 5.5 - MDM/Managing Mobile Devices

1430 - 1450 Special Publication 800-164 Guidelines on Hardware-Rooted Security in Mobile Devices

1450 - 1505 Break

1505 - 1525 FIPS 201-2 and Derived Credentials

1525 - 1545 FIPS 140-2 and Mobility

1545 - 1600 Wrap Up

1600 - Open to Breakout Sessions


Created December 5, 2012, Updated May 13, 2016