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Identity and Trust on the Internet (IDtrust) Symposium 2011

IDtrust is devoted to research and deployment experience related to making good security decisions based on identity information, especially when public key cryptography is used and the human elements of usability are considered.

All software systems, from enterprise data centers to small businesses and consumer-facing applications, must make access control decisions for protected data. IDtrust is a venue for the discussion of the complete access control process (authentication, authorization, provisioning and security decision workflow), addressing questions such as: "What are the authorization strategies that will succeed in the next decade?" "What technologies exist to address complex requirements today?" "What research is academia and industry pursuing to solve the problems likely to show up in the next few years?"


National Institute of Standards and Technology
Internet 2
Internet Society
OASIS IDtrust Member Section
Kantara Initiative

Please visit the conference website for the complete program.

Poster Session: 





Efficient Transmission of DoD PKI Certificates in Tactical Networks 
Sean R. O'Melia, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
Roger I. Khazan, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
Dan Utin, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 



Draft FIPS 201-2 Discussion Point  
Bill MacGregor, NIST 
Hildy Ferraiolo, NIST
Ketan Mehta, NIST
Sal Francomacaro, NIST
Ramaswamy Chandramouli, NIST

Towards a method for managing distributed access entitlement and access certification (Can we trust that AuthZ attribute?) 
Corinne Irwin, NASA
Dennis Taylor, NASA/ASRC Primus Solutions

Trust in National Identity Systems: Exploring Citizen Risk Perception 
Adrian Rahaman, University College London
Angela Sasse, University College London

PKAuth: A Social Login Protocol for Unregistered Apps 
Francisco Corella, Pomcor 
Karen Lewison, Pomcor

System Diagram of Federated Identity, Authentication and Authorization using X.509 Certificates and SAML 
Robert Cope, Homeland Security Consultants 

Created January 31, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016