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Security Automation Developer Days – Spring 2011

The Security Automation Developer Days Conference consists of a series of interactive discussions focusing on advancing existing and emerging specification in the security automation area. Through this forum, representatives from industry, government and private organizations will discuss their requirements and use cases and will work to identify potential solutions to address current and future security automation challenges. Specific areas of focus include: enhancements to existing SCAP specifications, content repository automation and standardization, content development best practices and standardizing remediation capabilities.


Computer Security Division

Participants will be responsible for their own travel accommodations, and lodging. See the NIST Visitor Information page for travel and lodging details.

We are now instituting an additional requirement for visitor vehicles entering the campus. When a Guest/Visitor checks in at the NIST Visitor Center at Gate A and intends to drive into the campus, they will have to show two documents: a Photo I.D. (State issued driver's license, Federal ID or passport) and a Vehicle Registration card. If a guest does not have a valid vehicle registration, they will be required to park at the Visitor Center and take the NIST Campus Shuttle. Visitors driving rental cars can show their rental agreement in lieu of vehicle registration.

Once you leave the Visitor Center, you will be asked to show the name badge you picked up and a photo ID before being admitted onto the campus. At the main entrance stop sign, make a left, follow until you see signs for the Administration Building (101) (it's the tallest building). There is visitor parking across from the Administration Building. The meeting is in Lecture Room A on the first floor. The cafeteria is also located on the first floor. Visitors must wear a visitor badge at all times while on the NIST campus.

Created March 2, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016