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Indo_US Workshop on Designing Sustainable Products, Services, and Manufacturing Systems

The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together domain experts from India and the US to discuss the social, economic, environmental, and technological aspects of designing sustainable systems, especially manufacturing systems. Sustainable systems are essential for ensuring quality of life for future generations by taking into account the environmental, societal and economical impacts of the activities or products that the systems control. The essential goal of systems is to significantly reduce the consumption of resources and minimize the effects on the environment to an enduringly affordable level, while maintaining, economic output and social structure.

Workshop deliverables will include:           
  1. Design of sustainable products, services, and manufacturing systems. Integrating environmental aspects into product design and development, design for sustainability, product lifecycle management and lifecycle analysis, material science, advanced manufacturing technologies, nano-manufacturing, energy efficiency, conservation for production and use of products, reduce, reuse, and recycling, information infrastructure including advanced models and semantics for product and process.
  2. Preparing engineering designers and managers for the 21st century.  Engineering curricula to include sustainability principles and teach national and international standards, multi-disciplinary approach to engineering education.
  3. Policies, standards and industry best practices for sustainable systems.  Standards landscape for product, process representation, national and international standards for sustainability (e.g. ISO 14000, REACH, WEEE,...), risk analysis of policies and regulations.
  4. Showcases of sustainable technology: Indian and US case studies and business models.


Created July 29, 2009, Updated May 13, 2016