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Preproposal Conference for RFP SB1341-09-RP-0070

Offerors are strongly encouraged, but not required, to participate in a preproposal conference with the Contracting Officer and selected personnel from NIST. The purposes of this conference are:

  1. To review the solicitation sections;
  2. To allow potential offerors to ask questions;
  3. To identify areas in the solicitation that may be unclear, as currently written, so that an Amendment may address those areas; and
  4. To increase the probability that award could be made on initial offers received, without discussions.

Because of space limitations, attendance at the preproposal conference is limited to no more than three attendees per potential offeror (including their potential subcontractors). Also, because NIST would require significant time to register non-US citizens for this conference, only US citizens may attend. Finally, the conference room will hold a maximum of fifty persons, so attendance will be limited to the first fifty persons that register.

Each attendee will need to present photo identification at the NIST Visitor Center before entry onto the NIST site will be permitted.

Potential Offeror personnel that cannot or do not attend the conference in person (including non-US citizens) but would like to call into the conference by telephone may do so as follows:

  1. Call 1-866-846-3997
  2. Enter passcode 260440


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Created October 9, 2009, Updated September 27, 2016