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Information Metrology and Image Analysis Research at NIM, China

In the part of the research on information metrology, the reliability evaluation of emergency communication network and the uncertainty calculation based on the Monte-Carlo Method will be discussed.

The talk will emphasize the image analysis research, which focuses on medical image analysis. The target is to find some objective standards for medical image evaluation. The researchers at NIM made a simple static phantom to get MRI image data and compare it with a commercial static phantom. At the same time, they also collected some clinical MRI data and rebuilt it in 3D space. They tried to find some parameters combined with image characters to evaluation the image. NIM researchers find that it's necessary to research a dynamic phantom for heart imaging evaluation. They are beginning to research dynamic phantom used for medical image instruments.

Dr. Xin Bian
Division of Electronics and Information Technology
National Institute of Metrology, China

Created September 8, 2010, Updated May 13, 2016