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Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet

Brian Malow screaming with globe behind him. WORDS: Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet.
Credit: Brian Malow

Brian Malow
Science Comedian

For all audiences: science-flavored stand-up from Brian Malow, Earth's premier, and possibly only science comedian! Music is not just for musicians. Art is not just for artists. And science is not just for scientists. Brian will be your tour guide for this humorous exploration of the expanding universe!

Brian Malow is a San Francisco-based comedian who specializes in science comedy. He has given presentations to the ACS, the National Association of Science Writers, various outlets of the NAS, Applied Biosystems, Microsoft, Apple, and many other prestigious organizations and corporations.

Anyone outside NIST wishing to attend must be sponsored by a NIST employee and receive a visitor badge. For more information, call Kum J. Ham at 301-975-4203.

Colloquia are videotaped and available in the NIST Research Library.

Created October 23, 2009, Updated December 30, 2016