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DCS Wavelength and Resolution

Beam Intensity as a function of wavelength and resolution

DCs Intensity at Shorter Wavelengths


These figures show the measured neutron intensity (neutrons per second) with all choppers running at 20000 rpm, as a function of neutron wavelength and resolution mode. The sharp dips in the beam intensity at 3.35 Å and 6.70 Å are respectively due to (004) and (002) Bragg reflections in the pyrolytic graphite filter.


Energy resolution as a function of wavelength

The lines show the calculated full width at half maximum (FWHM) energy resolution for elastic scattering at a chopper speed of 20000 rpm. The points are measured values of the resolution. The lines represent power law fits to the measurements.


Elastic Scattering Vector, Q, as a Function of Wavelength

This figure shows the upper and lower limits, as well as some intermediate values for the elastic scattering vector as a function of wavelength.

Created December 7, 2018, Updated December 10, 2018