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DCS Acknowledgments

Many people from the NCNR have been involved at one time or another with the DCS project, in many different capacities.

In alphabetical order they are

Felix Altorfer, George Baltic, Paul Brand, Christoph Brocker, Dave Clem, Bill Clow, Jeremy Cook, Bud Dickerson, Mark English, Pat Gallagher, Al Heald, Przemek Klosowski, Wayne Knill, Doris Kulp, Howard Layer, Nick Maliszewskyj, Suzi Neal, Inma Peral, Don Pierce, Juergen Raebiger, Jamie Reardon, Mike Rinehart, Connie Runkles, Ivan Schroder, Lyn Shuman, Scott Slifer, Denise Sullivan, Thuan Thai, Pat Tobin, and Jeffrey Ziegler.

We thank them all.

It is also appropriate, and a pleasure, to thank many other colleagues for their advice and encouragement. In particular we thank Mike Rowe, Jack Rush, and Dan Neumann.

Finally, thanks to John Copley, who oversaw DCS until his retirement.

John Copley
Credit: Y. Qiu (NCNR)
Created December 7, 2018