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Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards


The Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards (VAMAS) promotes world trade in products dependent on advanced materials technologies through international collaborative projects to provide the technical basis for harmonized measurements, testing, specifications, and standards. 

VAMAS was established following an economic summit in 1982 held at Versailles by the Heads of State of the G7 group of nations and representatives from the Commission of the European Communities. 

NIST currently represents the United States of America at VAMAS and shares the Chair and Secretariat of VAMAS with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of the United Kingdom on an alternating three-year cycle. 

The active VAMAS Technical Working Areas support pre normative standards research in a wide range of materials space.  If you would like to learn more about how VAMAS can help your organization, please contact nicholas.barbosa [at] (Nick Barbosa).

Sign up to receive periodic VAMAS news and updates through the vamas-news+subscribe [at] (subject: Please%20subscribe%20me%20to%20the%20VAMAS%20News%20Email%20List) (VAMAS email list).




Created May 10, 2022, Updated May 17, 2022