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X-Ray Reflectometer

X-Ray Reflectometer

The NCNR x-ray diffractometer is configured to allow both θ/2θ diffraction and reflectometry. Typically Cu radiation is used with minimum resolution of Δλ=0.004Å and Δθ=0.0003 radians or ΔQ=0.0025Å-1. Reflectivities as low as ~10-8 have been measured. There is direct computer control using the standard ICP program. The five motions that are controlled are θ, 2θ, sample translation along an axis located 90°+θ from the incident beam, sample tilt about an axis perpendicular to the translation (all in the scattering plane), and an automated attenuator changer.

Usage Information

Access Information

Use of the instrument is restricted to NCNR staff, however, outside users can gain access to the x-ray reflectometer through their instrument contact or NCNR staff collaborator. This x-ray instrument is self-scheduled, via a sign up calendar located at the instrument.

Created September 13, 2011, Updated February 24, 2020