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T&T Nanosizer AUTO 1 Extruder


Patent pending NanoSizerTM AUTO I is the world's first fully automated liposome extruder device enabling clean, fast, easy and inexpensive sizing and extrusion of liposomes, by utilizing single-use and fully assembled liposome extruder cartridges. NanoSizerTM AUTO I includes integrated temperature control and live temperature feedback for precise heating and extrusion of lipids that exhibit transition temperatures greater than room temperature. Additionally, NanoSizerTM AUTO I allow researchers choosing the desired number of extrusion passes while selecting a consistent extrusion flow rate every time which could significantly improve the consistency and repeatability of the narrowly sized liposomes.  NanoSizerTM AUTO I uses single-use extruders and syringes with little or no dead-volume enabling a fastest, cleanest, and easiest liposome extrusion process, every time, for every experiment. Please see manual.

Created February 14, 2020, Updated April 12, 2024