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NIMA LB 2011 Langmuir Trough With Linear Dipper

This instrument is primarily designed and optimised to produce Langmuir-Blodgett films on solid substrates, but could also be used to investigate monolayer compression behvior. Please see manual.


Trough parameters

  • Round trough, area 15 cm2 to 1000 cm2
  • Two barriers under computer control, can be operated independently or in coupled mode
  • Barrier speed 6 to 700 cm2-min-1
  • Nima model PS4 pressure sensor centrally mounted
  • Single dipping well, 100mm x 80mm rectangle, 60mm deep from the floor of the trough.
  • Can be connected to circulating water bath for temperature control (none normally connected)
  • Located in a HEPA low particulate matter flow hood

Dipper parameters

  • Langmuir model D1L dipper with sample mountings for microscope slides or 7.62 cm (3") diameter wafers
  • Linear velocity dipping, 0.8 to 66 mm-min-1 velocities
  • Capable of multiple dipping programs. automatically maintained at constant pressure

Further Information is available at the NIMA website

Usage Information

Access Information

 Please inquire with one of the activity responsibles before using this piece of equipment.

Created September 13, 2011, Updated April 5, 2022