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Horiba Twin Model B-173 Conductivity Meter

Horiba B-173 Conductivity Meter

Additional information is available directly from the manufacturer, Horiba. Information from the manual is also available.


Principle AC bipolar method
Measurement Methods Conductivity/sodium chloride salinity converson
Conductivity Measurement Range 0 – 19.9 mS/cm
Measurement Ranges
  1. 0 – 199 µS/cm ±1µS/cm step
  2. 0.2 – 1.99 µS/cm ±0.01µS/cm step
  3. 1. 2.0 – 19.9 µS/cm ±0.1µS/cm step
Accuracy ±2% full scale ±1 digit
(over 10 mS/cm: ±3% full scale ±1 digit)
Salinity conversion display range 0 – 1.1%
Repeatability ±1% full scale
Measurement Temperature Range 5 °C - 35 °C
Temperature Compensation Automatic, 2%/°C (fixed)
Compensation temperature 25°C
Dimensions 150 mm x 27 mm x 16 mm

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Created May 12, 2011, Updated February 24, 2020