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Hiden Analytical DSMS Mass Spectometer

DSMS Mass Spectometer A133

A Residual Gas Analyzer configured for demanding UHV applications

The Hiden RGA for UHV are designed and configured for residual gas analysis in demanding UHV applications where critical measurements at UHV are required.

Residual gas analysis
Leak detection
Outgassing studies
Bakeout cycles
Pump performance
Process gas contaminants

Please see manual.


Gold plated ion sources to minimise source outgassing
Electron impact ioniser with twin oxide coated Iridium filament
Dual Faraday/channeltron electron multipler detector
Minimum detectable partial pressure of 5 x 10-14 mbar
Maximum operating pressure of 1 x 10-4 mbar

Created January 14, 2022, Updated April 5, 2022