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AR200 Refractometer meter

AR200 Refractometer meter E136

Reichert AR200 Digital Handheld Refractometer has the capability to measure RefractiveIndex (nD) of liquid solutions to a precision of +/-0.0001 or % Solids (Brix) to +/-0.1 with a range of 1.3300 to 1.5600nD and 0 to 95% Solids (Brix).



589 nm LED.


1.3300 to 1.5600 Refractive

Index (nD = 589nm Sodium D line).

 0 to 95% Solids, (Brix-Sucrose

 per ICUMSA in Channel 1).User definable in channels 2 - 4.


 0.0001 nD

 0.1 % Solids.

 0.1 oC Temperature



 +/- 0.1% Solids (Brix),

 +/- 0.2C Temperature.USAGE INFORMATION

User manual is here.

Created October 6, 2021