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Anton Paar DMA 5000 Density Meter

Anton Paar DMA 5000 Density Meter

This instrument is used to perform accurate density measurements over a specified density, temperature, and viscosity range. At the end of an analysis, the results are either sent to an external printer or transmitted and stored by the AP-Soft Print Microsoft Excel Add-In.


  • Density Measuring Range: 0 g-cm-3 to 3 g-cm-3
  • Density Accuracy: ±0.000005 g-cm-3
  • Density Repeatability: 0.0000001 g-cm-3
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 1ml
  • Temperature Range: 0 °C to 90 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.01 °C
  • Temperature Repeatability: 0.001 °C
  • Pressure Range: 0 bar to 10 bar

Usage Information

Access Information

Please inquire with one of the listed contacts about the availability of the instrument prior to using it.

Created May 16, 2011, Updated February 24, 2020