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Ace Glass UV Photochemistry Safety Cabinet and Power Supply

Location: E132


UV Photchemistry Safety Cabinet
Ace Glass Cat. Number 7836-20

Dimensions: 91.4 cm x 55.8 cm x 48.26 cm (36"Hx22"Wx19"D) Steel cabinet for safe operation of Photochemical Reaction Equipment. Cabinet has welded seams, fully hinged door with lip to prevent light from escaping. Door has key lock and controls a safety switch that prevents lamp operation unless door is closed. Sealed floor to 2.54 cm (2") height to contain any possible spills. Inside is a plug-in light, auxiliary 120V socket and 60 CFM exhaust fan, pin jack socket for lamp connection and removable 1.27-cm (1/2") aluminum rod for clamping equipment.

Power Supply
Ace Glass Cat. Number 7830-60

Reactive type transformers, for 7825/7883 photochemical lamps. Supply extra voltage/current required to initiate the arc and the reduced power for operation. Open core and coil type.

Created February 14, 2012, Updated February 27, 2013