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8M Combo Torch & 3B-B Air/Gas Torch

National 8M & 3B-B Torch Station
  • The surface bench torch uses a combination of propane and oxygen. The surface bench torch comes standard with a swivel ball mounting on a stable, cast steel U-shaped base.
  • The hand torch uses a combination of propane and oxygen. The specially designed leak-proof "O" ring union permits the tip and elbow assembly to be rotated to any desired angle without the aid of a wrench so that the flame can be directed to allow the most comfortable torch/hand position.
  • Please see manual for more details.


  • Available tips for use with both torches is listed below:
    Tip Model Orifice Diameter
    OX-2 Single 0.055" (1.40mm)
    OX-3 Single 0.070" (1.78mm)
    OX-4 Single 0.082" (2.08mm)
    OX-5 Single 0.100" (2.54mm)

Usage Information

Access Information

The torch is for use by NCNR staff ONLY. If you would like to use the torch, please contact the listed contact person(s) or your local contact.

Created November 29, 2013, Updated June 28, 2022