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Medical Device Communication - ValidatePDU

NIST/ITL is collaborating with the ISO/IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications working group in developing developing conformance tests and associated tools to provide the medical device industry with the necessary tools to ensure that critical devices properly implement the medical device standards. As part of this effort NIST has developed a tool called ValidatePDU, to validate the basic syntax and structure of messages.

Figure 1. ValidatePDU Process
Figure 1. ValidatePDU Process

Figure 1 above shows the process used by the ValidatePDU tool. Step one was to convert the Abstract Syntax Notation(ASN.1) from the ISO/IEEE 11073 standards into schema definitions. The schema definitions are then used to validate XML wrapped messages passed between manager and agent medical devices. The ValidatePDU tool will report such things as incorrect syntax and data type errors. The ValidatePDU tool is a work-in-progress and suggestions and comments about the tool are welcome.


Created January 10, 2017, Updated March 1, 2017