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Medical Device Communication - ICSGenerator

The ISO/IEEE 11073 Standard is a family of documents that defines the entire seven layer communications requirements for the "Medical Information Bus" (MIB). The objective of this standard is to standardize data communications for patient connected bedside devices, optimized for the acute care setting, to allow clinicians to set up device communications in a "plug and play" fashion.

NIST is collaborating with the ISO/IEEE Medical Device Communications working group in developing tools to aid in testing implementations against the ISO/IEEE 11073 set of standards.

The ICSGenerator tool captures the relationships among the managed objects and the data necessary to generate Implementation Conformance Statements (ICSs). The ICS captures details of a specific implementation and specifies which features are implemented.

The ICSGenerator tool processes an xml instance of the ISO/IEEE 11073 Data Information Model (DIM) that contains all the managed objects, their relationships and the information associated to each of them. It provides the capabilities of adding, removing and updating managed objects including its attributes, behavior and notification. Based on this information the tool generates an XML file representing the containment tree that describes the medical device as specified by the implementer. The XML file contains the data required to generate Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) reports and any other reports related to the information model or the implementation containment tree. The tool could be utilized as a test identification mechanism for the ISO/IEEE 11073 implementation testing.

Figure 1.  Overview of ICSGenerator Process
Figure 1.  Overview of ICSGenerator Process



Created January 10, 2017, Updated March 1, 2017