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IJB-C Dataset Request Form

[UPDATE]: The IJB-C protocols folder has been updated.  It includes updated protocol files in a structure that we hope provides better clarity for developers on how to test their software with the dataset.  This release also includes an updated metadata file that contains age estimates that were generated with Amazon Mechanical Turk.  [Download]

***NOTE: The complete distribution contains all three IJB challenges (images + protocols) published to date (IJB-A, IJB-B, and IJB-C).  It is ~325GB in size and can take up to 24 hours to download from our server.  Please allocate proper hardware resource and time requirements for download prior to requesting the dataset.

By downloading the IARPA Janus Benchmark C (IJB-C) dataset, the Receiving Entity agrees to:

1. Insert the following statement in any product, report, publication, presentation, and/or other document that references the data: "This product contains or makes use of the following data made available by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA): IARPA Janus Benchmark C (IJB-C) data detailed at Face Challenges homepage."

2. No further distribution of the data without express written permission from NIST.  Instead, third parties should be directed to the NIST Face Challenges website to download the dataset directly.

3. Comply with the licensing terms of the IJB-C dataset.

NIST makes this Standard Reference Database available with attribution to sources.  Each piece of media is associated with one of these IJB-AIJB-BIJB-C licenses.  Should one or more samples be alternatively licensed then the owner or legal representative should contact NIST via FaceChallenges [at] (subject: IJB-A%20Dataset%20Request, body: )  and identify particular images.

Users and prospective users of this database should:
a) note binding licensing terms at
b) understand that the Database is subject to change at any time
c) understand that the U.S. Government makes no guarantee or warranty of non-infringement
d) note that the U.S. Government is relying on the stated and represented due diligence of contractors who in part prepared this Database

To request for the IJB-C dataset, please go to Face Challenges Online Request Page 

Created December 3, 2018, Updated October 29, 2019