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IFPC 2022 Conference Presentations and Videos

Day 1 - 11/15/2022

Face Image Quality (Session Chair: Christoph Busch)

  • 1, Ramon Blanco, EU-LISA: Use Case for Face Image Quality Assessment [video] [presentation]
  • 2, Anna Stratmann, BSI: Open Source Face Image Quality (OFIQ) - Overview [video] [presentation]
  • 3, Johannes Merkle, secunet: Facial Image Quality Assessment State of the Art [video] [presentation]
  • 4, Benjamin Tams, secunet: OFIQ - Approach and Implementation Status [video] [presentation]
  • 5, Florian Peters, BDR: Live Enrolment in Germany, 29794-5 + ML/GAN Assistance
  • 6, Torsten Schlett, HDA: Compressed Face Image Quality [video] [presentation]
  • 7, Olaf Henniger, IGD: Selection of a Suitable Data Set for Training a Face Image Quality Assessment Algorithm [video] [presentation]
  • 8, Jim Wayman, DHS OBIM: Expanding Face Image Quality to Include More Use Cases [video] [presentation]
  • 9, Patrick Grother, NIST: Quality Overview and the ISO/IEC 29794-5 Face Image Quality Standard [video] [presentation]
  • 10, Yevgeniy Sirotin, SAIC: Assessing Variation in Human Skin Tone to Inform Face Recognition System Design [video] [presentation]
  • 10a, Joyce Yang, NIST: FRVT Quality Assessment - Specific Image Defect Detection [video] [presentation]
  • Keynote presentation: Arun Vemury, DHS S&T: Face Recognition Performance Requirements - the DHS Perspective [video] [presentation]

[Day 1 Presenter Q&A]

Day 2 - 11/16/2022

Standards and Regulations (Session Chair: Patrick Grother)

  • 11, Irina Orssich, EU Commission: An Update on the EU Laws Concerning AI Based Face Recognition
  • 12, Pierre Gacon, Idemia: The ISO/IEC 9868 Standard Supporting EU Regulation of Biometric Identification of Passively Captured Subjects [video] [presentation]
  • 13, Odhran James McCarthy, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI): Responsible Limits on Facial Recognition: A Policy Framework for Law Enforcement [video] [presentation]
  • 14, Cathrine Fari, Norwegian ID Centre: Manual Facial Comparison - Developing an E-Learning At Last! [video] [presentation]
  • 15, Neal Gieselman, USG: Lessons Learned in Investigative Searching [video] [presentation]
  • 16, Samuel Peterson, RAND Corporation: Finding a Broadly Practical Approach for Regulating the Use of Facial Recognition by Law Enforcement [video] [presentation]

Industry Outlook (Session Chair: Patrick Grother)

  • 17, Neda Eskandari, Paravision: Synthetics and DeepFakes: Opportunities, Threats, and Protection [video] [presentation]
  • 18, Brendan Klare, Rank One: The Pros and Cons of Face Recognition [video] [presentation]
  • 19, Stephane Gentric, Idemia: From e-Gate to Free Flow [video] [presentation]
  • 20, Michael Thieme, Accenture FS: Update on Presentation Attack Detection Standards [video] [presentation]
  • 20a, Norman Poh, TrustStamp: Modelling the Odds of False Acceptance and False Rejection of a Privacy-Preserved Multimodal System Involving Face Modality [video] [presentation]

[Day 2 Presenter Q&A]

Day 3 - 11/17/2022

Demographics and Security (Session Chair: Patrick Grother)

  • 21, Patrick Grother, NIST: The Demographic Summary Measures of NIST IR 8429 [video] [presentation]
  • 22, John Howard, SAIC: Fairness, Demographic Differentials, and ISO 19795-10 Updates [video] [presentation]
  • 23, John Howard and Yevgeniy Sirotin, SAIC: Feature Vector Clustering - a Step Toward Fixing Broad Homogeneity Effects [video] [presentation]
  • 24, Mike King, Florida Institute of Technology: Demographics Effects in Face Recognition
  • 25, Keivan Bahmani and Stephanie Schuckers, Clarkson U: Face Recognition In Children: A Longitudinal Study [video] [presentation]

Face Morphing (Session Chair: Mei Ngan)

  • 26, Matjaž Torkar, Ministry of the Interior Police, Slovenia: Morphing Cases in Slovenia
  • 27, Mei Ngan, NIST: FRVT MORPH - Current Vulnerability Assessment and Automated Detection Performance [video] [presentation]
  • 28, Matteo Ferrara, University of Bologna: Morphing Attack Potential (MAP) [video] [presentation]
  • 29, Nasser Nasrabadi, West Virginia University; Chen Liu/Zander Blasingame, Clarkson University; David Doermann, University at Buffalo, (CITeR): Face Morph Generation and Attack Detection [video] [presentation]
  • 30, Kiran Raja, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Overview on Morph Attack Detection Development [video] [presentation]
  • 30a, Frøy Løvåsdal, National Police Directorate, Norway: Morphing Attack Detection - Analysing Human Observer Ability [video] [presentation]

[Day 3 Presenter Q&A]

Created November 21, 2022, Updated December 5, 2022