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Decoy (Apprehension)

The decoy should always be under the control of the canine trainer for the exercise. The canine trainer will tell the decoy how he/she is to behave throughout the training exercise, while in the presence of the canine(s) being trained. Given the proper equipment, the decoy will manipulate the canine's behavior according to the canine trainer through agitation, body movement (toward, away from and perpendicular to the canine's position), posture, noises, etc. The decoy may also provide the canine with a bite, by presenting a part of the body.

Date Added to Lexicon
Technical Report/Other Source (Author, Title of report. Publisher, Year.)
ANSI/Academy Standards Board (ASB), Crime Scene/Death Investigation - Dogs and Sensors - Terms and Definitions. AAFS Academy Standards Board (ASB), 410 North 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, 2017. Source link