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Accuracy Studies

Studies performed to assess the degree of conformity of a measured quantity to its actual (true) value. In probabilistic genotyping, these are studies performed to establish that the calculations made by the probabilistic genotyping system are correctly executed, and that the results obtained produce the expected likelihood ratio for situations where the calculations can be performed manually or with an alternate software program or application. Such situations include profile results from single source samples, 2-person mixtures with unambiguous major and minor contributors, and 2-person mixtures with equal mixture proportions. However, profile results where the ground truth is not known are not suitable for accuracy studies

Date Added to Lexicon
Standard Source (Designation Number Title of Standard. Publisher, Place, Year.)
ANSI/ASB 018 Standard for Validation of Probabilstic Genotyping Systems. AAFS Academy Standards Board (ASB), 410 North 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, 2020. Source link