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NIST Contributors to Part I

Materials Measurement Laboratory

Chemical and Biochemical Reference Data Division

Ray Mountain (raymond.mountain [at] (raymond[dot]mountain[at]nist[dot]gov))

Ceramics Division

Vincent A. Hackley (vince.hackley [at] (vince[dot]hackley[at]nist[dot]gov))

Information Technology Laboratory

Applied and Computational Mathematics Division

Judith E. Devaney Terrill (judith.terrill [at] (judith[dot]terrill[at]nist[dot]gov))

Steven G. Satterfield (steven.satterfield [at] (steven[dot]satterfield[at]nist[dot]gov))

William L. George ( [at] (william[dot]george[at]nist[dot]gov))

James Sims (james.sims [at] (james[dot]sims[at]nist[dot]gov))

Peter M. Ketcham (peter.ketcham [at] (peter[dot]ketcham[at]nist[dot]gov))

Statistical Engineering Division

Stephan Leigh (stephan.leigh [at] (stephan[dot]leigh[at]nist[dot]gov))

Charles Hagwood (charles.hagwood [at] (charles[dot]hagwood[at]nist[dot]gov))



Created December 17, 2010, Updated June 2, 2021