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Part II Chapter 1. Microstructure

Because of their diverse nature, characterizing the microstructure of fire resistive materials (FRMs) is a challenging task. X-ray microtomography can be utilized to provide valuable quantitative information on the location, size and connectivity of pores within the FRM, for both materials that are relatively dimensionally stable such as spray-applied inorganics and organic-based intumescents that char and foam substantially during exposure to high temperatures. The characteristics of these pores are critical to the high temperature thermal performance of the FRM, as their size and connectivity will strongly influence heat transfer by radiation at higher temperatures.


(1) Microstructure and Materials Science of Fire Resistive Materials (10 pages of text, 451.4K of figures)

(2) A Numerical Model for Combustion of Bubbling Thermoplastic Materials in Microgravity (62 pages of text, 337.2K of figures)

(3) Measurement and Microstructure-Based Modeling of the Thermal Conductivity of Fire Resistive Materials (9 pages of text, 474K of figures)

(4) Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Hydrated Calcium Silicate Board Materials (pdf document)

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Created July 20, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019