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Summary of NIST Strategic Planning Study Results

Focus of StudyInfratechnology/Standard StudiedIndustries CoveredEstimated Annual Costs of Inadequate Infrastructure
Technology-based service Sector (1998)Broad range within service industriesRetail banking, home entertainment, health careN.A.
Measurement costs in semiconductor industry (1998)All measurement-related activitySemiconductors(total measurement expenditure estimates)
Interoperability costs (1999)Product design data exchangeAutomotive supply chain$1 billion
Measurement costs of deregulation (2000)
  • Metering
  • Systems monitoring/control
Electric utilities$3.1 – $6.5 billion
Software testing (2002)All stages of the testing cycle
  • Transportation equipment
  • Financial services
  • Extrapolation to entire U.S.
  • $1.8 billion
  • $3.3 billion
  • $60 billion
Interoperability costs (2004)Business data exchange: demand, production, inventory, procurement, and distribution
  • Automotive supply chain
  • Electronics supply chain
  • $5 billion
  • $3.9 billion
Interoperability costs (2004)Business data exchange: design & engineering, construction, and operations & maintenanceConstruction, Facilities Management$15.8 billion
Medical testing (2004)Quality of measurement assuranceLaboratories (calcium)$0.06 – $0.199 billion
Technical barriers to trade (2004)Technical non-tariff trade barriersAutomotive, PharmaceuticalsN.A.
Service sector R&D (2005)R&D characterization & classification analysisTelecommunications, Software, Financial, RD&TN.A.
Weights & measures benchmarking and user needs (2005)Legal metrology: weights & measuresRange of retail and producer goods industriesN.A.
Internet protocol (IPv6) (2005)Internet standard and supporting infrastructureInternet supply chain(cost estimates for alternative transition scenarios)
Technology infrastructure for biopharmaceuticals (2007)Technology infrastructure supporting biopharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing and post-market surveillanceBiopharmaceutical industryCost of developing a new drug can be reduced by 25–48 percent


Created April 23, 2010, Updated December 30, 2016