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Summary of NIST Laboratory Economic Impact Studies

  • Over 11-year period, 2000-2011, 16 economic impact studies conducted of NIST research programs

  • Average benefit-cost ratio of 47:1

  • Selection of projects for study based on perceived existence of industry impact (not randomly selected)

  • But, topics cover wide range of technologies and industries

  • And, estimates derived only from industries receiving direct transfer of research output from NIST (no multiplier effect estimated)

  • Hence, studies collectively provide good indicator of past and potential economic impacts

Bottom line: NIST has done a relatively large number of impact studies covering a wide range of technologies and industries. Therefore, these studies collectively can be viewed as a legitimate indicator of NIST industry impact.

Economic Studies of NIST Laboratory Programs, 2000-2009

For access to individual studies, see list on this web page.

Note: a number of studies were conducted prior to 2000, but are not included in this list

2000Pharmaceuticalscholesterol measurement/SRM4
2000Photonicslaser and fiber optic power and energy calibration/calibrations*7
2000Chemicalssulfur in fossil fuels/SRM113
2000Building Technologyconstruction system integration & automation technologies (industrial)5
2001Building TechnologyFire Dynamics Simulation101
2001ElectronicsJosephson voltage standard/SRM5
2001Building Technologyconstruction system integration & automation technologies (commercial)4
2001Information Technologydata encryption standards/standard conformance test methods*102
2001Information Technologyrole-based access control/reference models (RBAC)109
2002ChemicalsNational Traceable Reference Materials Program/SRD; calibration services21
2002ManufacturingSTEP/stds; conformance test methods & services8
2008Semiconductorssuperfilling research techniques6
2008Semiconductorslow-k materials characterization9
2009Materialsconsortium-based combinatorial methods development and transfer9
2010Information Technologysearch engines (TREC)5
2010Information Technologycomputer security (RBAC)249
16 total studiesAverage BCR: 47






Created July 20, 2009, Updated December 30, 2016